Innovation retreats give participants a chance to make connections with like-minded individuals across industries, sectors, and generations to apply their skills in making the world a better place. Attendees include students and alums of his program, professors and practitioners from across the USA, and serial entrepreneurs and thought leaders across the variety of industries the attendees call their professional home.

The programs are built around leadership, community development and innovation. Typical guests and keynotes may be in biotech, government, social media, water, infrastructure, energy, food security, artists, and other sectors. Attendees walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration to apply state-of-the-art technologies to solve real-world problems. 

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How Energy Drives your Business Decisions

This course is designed to help executives and stakeholders leverage energy as a strategic asset.  The participants will learn the importance of a cross-functional team to manage utilities. Too frequently a company unknowingly makes costly decisions because of the complex nature of utilities management.  The class will investigate financial metrics, operational benchmarking, environmental compliance and behavioral issues that gives a business the competitive edge.

Aligning a Utility Resource strategy with your values.

This program educates stakeholders on the critical components of implementing a utility resource management program. Comprehensive utility management programs require cross-functional knowledge of finance, operations, facilities, communications, vendor management and technology expertise. This one-day workshop is designed to introduce the critical skills and components to run a multi-disciplinary team.

Improving teamwork and Collaboration to Reduce Energy Overspend

Energy supports your business and many departments have roles and responsibilities that affect your costs. Companies regularly waste 30% of their energy resources due to lack of transparency and coordination. This workshop is designed to bring together stakeholders across your organization and create a vision for how to identify, implement and sustain measures that lowers expenditures and improves operational resiliency.

improving Profitability and financial metrics

Utility costs directly impact your bottom line, profitability and margins.  Reducing wasted costs is a top priority for many companies. Understanding the scope and impact of a Utility Resource Management Program is crucial to business decisions. This workshop includes pre-workshop surveys and interviews with key stakeholders within your organization to create a business-as-usual scenario and a gap analysis of your opportunity.