1-low to 10-high
1-low to 10-high
1-low to 10-high
1-low to 10-high


  • Stretch and go to the gym 3-times per week
  • Separate work and personal life to help increase focus
  • Practice viola once a week
  • Write a weekly reflection
  • Adopt meditation / mindfulness practices
  • Create a robust communication environment at work
  • Model good communication behaviors at work
  • Take the GREs
  • Strengthen Czech family relations
  • Create a long-term investment Plan

Jimmy 2017: THE MAGICIAN

  • Maintain regular sleep cycles
  • Adopt breathing exercises 3 times a week
  • Create and maintain stretching routines
  • Learn how to cook eggs
  • Diversify my paying gigs
  • Become self-sufficient so that I can extract myself from Seattle
  • Grow my mom's relationship beyond just calls and emails
  • Host a dinner party once per month
  • Follow a formal budget
  • Work with Kaja on small projects